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    Pay with your reward points online

    Simply pay with your reward points and miles at checkout on 100's of online stores.

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    Access to millions of new customers

    Drive the millions of customers looking to redeem their loyalty points to your online store or app today

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    Ultimate flexibity for your reward program

    Allow members to redeem their points and miles at 100's of online stores accepting PointCheckout with one integration.

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PointCheckout is not yet available in United States of America

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Pay with points at these leading retailers

Machines Store
The Cakery
Alissar Flowers

How it works

Start spending your points in 3 easy steps

Create an account and link your reward program


Choose PointCheckout when paying at participating merchants


Pay with your reward points or points + card


unlocking true value

Buy what you want with your reward points and miles, not what is available in a reward store.

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Pay with reward points at 100's of online merchants

Combine all your points and miles in one transaction

Your data is safe and secure with PointCheckout


Join the 100+ other online stores and accept PointCheckout today.

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Elevate your reward program with PointCheckout in one simple partnership.

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