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PointCheckout: Adding online redemption options to the loyalty program

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

It is no longer a trend but rather a necessity to shift brand focus for online presence and online sales, especially with having 173 Million internet users in the Middle East according to World Internet Stats as of Dec 2018, and impressive 5,000% growth! PointCheckout helps rewards programs transition their redemption options online and get closer to the internet shift of their customers. The rest of this article explains how this can be done with little effort and no change to the existing infrastructure. 

Ability to spending loyalty points online

PointCheckout offers a platform to connect directly with major online stores such as Talabat and Careem among many others, in addition to the existing redemption options and not a replacement. The aggregated system helps reward programs connect to hundreds of online stores without the need to connect directly to any of them. 

Easily add PointCheckout to any Rewards program

Regardless backend system used by loyalty programs of the bank, airline, telco or retailer, connecting to PointCheckout is a simple API integration and is done just once, regardless of the number of merchants on the platform. In turn loyalty program customers will instantly be able to redeem points at a wide range of online shops in the PointCheckout network.

Payment with points

PointCheckout works as a payment method on online stores, so the user experience is simple and trivial because they use their loyalty points to pay directly at checkout. Even if they don't have enough points in their account, they can complete the transaction using a credit card on hundreds of participating merchant websites.

Selective marketing according to brand focus

Each reward program can choose the websites and apps they want to market to their customers without the need for any technical integrations. The selection of stores is done through the PointCheckout dashboard, which also allows the easy creation of customized deals and discounts with those merchants. 

Integrated analytics report

PointCheckout provides complete analytical reports on customer spending behaviors in terms of merchants where points are redeemed, items purchased, to generate hyper-personalized deals for maximizing the redemption and ultimate customer satisfaction. All this being done with full customer anonymity as PointCheckout does not disclose or share customer information. 

Ultimately, moving reward redemptions online is a matter of time with the rise of internet users, and PointCheckout is a seamless way to connecting a reward program to its users who are already online.

Last Updated  September 3, 2019