Royal Jordanian offers a rewards program to reward the most frequent and loyal customers, called Royal Club. Here is an overview of the programreward program, royal jordanian, royal club

Everything you need to know about RJ Rewards Program

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

Royal Jordanian is ranked among the top 20 safest airlines in the world based on Airline Ratings website. And like most airlines, Royal Jordanian also offers a rewards program to their customers to reward the most frequent and loyal customers, called Royal Club. Here is an overview of the program and its most important aspects.


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How to register with the Royal Club Rewards Program?


To register for Royal Club, aspiring members need to fill up the online application form here. Membership details are instantly received in the inbox and members can start earning miles immediately on their next trip.


To register at the Royal Club


 Royal Club tiers and their features


There are four tiers for the Royal Club members:


Bronze Sunbird: This is the default tier of the Royal Club program upon signup. Each new member earns 1,000 Welcome Miles after your first flight with Royal Jordanian or any of our partner airlines as well as the miles from the flight.


Silver Jay: This tier can be reached by taking 14 flights or travelling 15,000 miles or 14 trips in a calendar year. To maintain the silver tier, members need to travel on 12 flights or cover a distance of 12,000 miles in each consequent year.


Gold Sparrow: one level up from Silver Jay, this is obtained at 30 flights or 40,000 miles in one year. Maintaining the Gold tier requires 26 flights or 30,000 miles in the consequent years.


Platinum Hawk: is the highest membership level, exclusive to frequent fliers with at least 46 flights or 65,000 miles flown during one year. To maintain the Platinum Hawk tier, travelers need to fly at least 110,000 miles in the consequent years.


Benefits of each category

The Bronze has limited benefits as the default level, however as members fly and collect miles towards a higher tier, below are the benefits:


Silver Jay tier benefits:

  • Use of business class priority check-in at the RJ counters

  • Access to a travel coordinator to help in the management of membership of the rewards program

  • Access to the RJ Crown Lounge at Queen Alia International Airport for 1,500 miles.

  • Extra baggage allowance on Royal Jordanian 10 KG when travel on economy class to north africa, 23 KG when travel on business class to north Africa and same amount when you travel anywhere weather economy or business class

  • Access to preferred or pre-reserved seating 

  • Priority placements on RJ flight waitlists and when on standby


Gold Sparrow tier benefits:

In addition to the silver category benefits, members get


·      Complimentary upgrade to the Crown Class seat once during the year at no extra cost on RJ operated flights

·  Access to a travel coordinator to help in the management of membership of the rewards program

·      Gift an award ticket to a non-member.

·      Complimentary airport lounge access at Queen Alia International Airport for RJ passengers and 650 lounges    worldwide managed by partners 

·      Priority boarding.

·      Priority in baggage handling

·      Additional baggage allowance of one23 KG item on Royal Jordanian Airlines or its partners.


Platinum Hawk tier benefits:


·      Upgrade to the Royal Crown seat twice during the year at no extra cost.

·      Spouse upgrade to the Gold Sparrow tier.

·      Gifting an award ticket to non-members

·      24-hour customer service for Platinum Hawk members.

·      Guaranteed seat in economy class on fully booked flights.

·      Access to over 650 airport lounges with a guest including business lounges and first class lounges.



How to earn miles?


Flying on Royal Jordanian Airlines:

Each flight can earn members miles, as Royal Club miles are calculated based on the flight distance, ticket class, fare, and membership level.

Miles earned can vary widely depending on the class of travel and the type of ticket purchased. For example, members of the Gold Sparrow tier earn 100% Miles when booking a regular economy saver and even earn Miles up to 200% if for purchase of business tickets.

This link provides a useful mile calculator for the different options:


Travel on one of our partner airlines:

Royal Jordanian is part of the One World Alliance, and miles could also be earned when flying on any of the following partners:

·      American Airlines

·      British Airways

·      Japan Airlines

·      Malaysia Airlines

·      Qatar Airways

·      Sri Lankan Airlines

·      LAN

·      Finnair

·      Iberia

·      Qantas


Miles earned from partner airlines are calculated based on distance and ticket class, but Economy Class tickets purchased in the R category (special promotional fare) and tickets purchased in G category (group offers) are not eligible for Miles from the Royal Club, are they eligible to upgrade to the Crown Class.


Remember that the RJ Royal Club card or membership number needs to be presented at booking or check-in in order for Royal Club miles to be earned on any of the flights.



Earning Royal Club miles through banking partners


Arab Bank:

Earn 1 Mile for every JOD 1 spent on the Royal Jordanian Visa Arab Bank Visa card available from Arab Bank.


Jordan Kuwait Bank:

Earn 1 Mile for every JD spent in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the Fly & Plus MasterCard and 2 Miles for every JD spent outside the Kingdom.

Earn 1 Mile for every JD spent in Jordan on the Fly & Plus MasterCard and 3 Miles for every JD spent outside Jordan.

Earn 1 Mile for every 2 JD spent inside the Kingdom using the Fly & Plus Silver MasterCard and earn 1 Mile for every 1 Dinar spent outside Jordan.


Palestine bank:

Earn 1 Mile for every dollar spent using your MasterCard Titanium Amyali Card.


American Express:

American Express customers can exchange points from the American Express Membership Rewards program for miles on Royal Jordanian as every two points are redeemed for one Royal Clubmile.


Earn miles by shopping


Royal Club Miles can also be collected by shopping at a wide range of shops both online and offline such as, Leaders, Sbitany Home, Sbitany and Zalatimo Sweets (present the Royal Club membership card at purchase). Royal Club members can also exchange their Imseeh points for Royal Club points at a rate of 100 miles per 10 points.


Earn miles on hotel reservations and car rentals


Hotels: To earn miles when booking a hotel you must use or how much?

Car rental: Earn miles when renting a car from Sixt or Hertz how much?


Buy mileage


Miles can be purchased through the Royal Club Rewards Program account and a maximum of 15,000 Miles per year. However, Miles purchased cannot be used to upgrade to a higher tier within the Royal Club Rewards Program and must be used immediately. Click here to see the cost of extra mileage.



Redeeming Royal Jordanian Airlines Miles


Tickets: Tickets can be purchased and paid for in miles either on Royal Jordanian or a partner airline through both and a local ticketing office.


Upgrade in Travel: Miles can be used to upgrade Economy Class to Crown and can be redeemed for extra weight when traveling.


Shopping with Miles: RJ customers can shop using Miles at the Royal Club Rewards program store where there is a wide range of electronic products, jewelry, watches, perfumes and many more. This store link is


Miles Transfer: Royal Club members can transfer their miles to other members through the Royal Club Rewards Program account online or from any Royal Jordanian Office. Note that there is a transfer fee applicable and a condition that the transfer value does not exceed 100,000 miles per year.


Donate Miles: The customer can donate miles to KHCC through the Royal Club Rewards Program account.

This link provides a handy miles calculator for redemptions including the above options. 

Last Updated  September 12, 2019