A full review about the major aspects Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan.This review is written as experienced by the PointCheckout team membersReview, Queen Alia International Airport, amman, Jordan

Review of Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan

QAIA has been awarded the best airport by size and region at the ASQ Awards for 2018, and consistently rated in the top 5 airports in the Middle East. This review will cover the major aspects of the traveler’s experience while flying in and out of Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan. This review is written as experienced by the PointCheckout team members and will be updated regularly. 


The airport has just two terminals, arrivals, and departures, each on a separate floor. This makes moving around and finding the gates and amenities easy and efficient.  

Overall Rating: 20/30 stars


(3/5 stars)

Getting to the airport is best done through Taxi’s which should cost around 15-18 JOD from Amman city by the city yellow cabs. Uber and Careem are both active in Amman and a great alternative to get to the airport as well, although slightly more expensive at 18-20 JOD. The trip there is approximately a 30-40 min drive so do factor that in the travel plans. 

There are regular buses as well that depart to and from the airport to the city, and are just 3.25 JOD each, although the trip is at least an hour. Bus schedules can be found here

Leaving the airport however by Taxi is only limited to the official airport taxi companies, with a trip to Amman city center ranging between 19-22 JOD depending on location. Unfortunately, Uber and Careem are not allowed to pick up passengers from the terminal so it is advised not to try as drivers risk a hefty fine.

Car rental is of course always an option as well, and the office is located in both arrival and departure terminals.

Comfort and Amenities 

(4/5 stars)

QAIA is easy to navigate with very clear signs and organization and is open 24/7 for the ones planning to go early and stay there. Immigration could be slow at times, however, there are sufficient counters on arrival and departures for waiting times to typically not exceed 15 min at peak times. The airport offers all major amenities such as ATM’s, currency exchange, prayer rooms, pharmacy, rest zones and most important to the modern travelers, free charging stations! The toiles are attended and generally clean, and QAIA also has an emergency medical center (Arrivals Hall, ground floor) and a massage center (paid). There are no luggage storage services however nor free showers.   


(4/5 stars)

Is available in departures and arrival halls and is free of charge. It does not require a phone number in order to get access and is generally of good enough speed for internet browsing and social media. 

Note that wifi does not work in the arrival hall after clearing immigration and collecting luggage at the land side. All 3 major telecom providers in Jordan Orange, Umniah and Zain, however, have a 24-hour desk to buy a local SIM with phone credit/data just outside the arrival exit and are generous with their packages at very affordable prices.   


(3/5 stars)

There are two lounges, the Royal Jordanian Crown Lounge (directly behind duty-free, 4th floor) and Petra Lounge (located in North Pier, departures area). Both lounges are open 24/7 with food and beverages (alcohol available also) being served and having major amenities such as working stations, prayer room, free wifi, and international magazines/newspapers. 

Crown Lounge is the larger, and typically accepts more of the business travelers, Priority Pass holders, and major credit cardholders. Paid entrance is also available for JOD 22. 

Petra Lounge is located opposite Gate 208, offering a relaxed atmosphere and can also be accessed through paying JOD 30 at the door.  

Food selection is limited and no special kids or quiet area is available, however.



(3/5 stars)

Shopping at the airport is also very conveniently located in the center of the departures terminal and offers many options for travelers from clothes, to cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, and souvenirs. It is currently undergoing renovations to expand and offer more options, however, the size is still limited compared to other airports in the region.



(3/5 stars)

There is a food court just after immigration in the departures hall with several options ranging from fast-food chains McDonalds and Popeye’s to local favourites such as Alday’a and Crumz. Starbucks coffee is also available along with several other cafes. Not a rich culinary experience, however sufficient variety for most travelers.   

This guide is for information only to assist travelers and all the numbers, rates, working hours, etc are taken from online sources of the airport, lounge, transportation providers, among others and can change at any time. PointCheckout does not represent or advertise any of the providers.   

Last Updated  August 25, 2019
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