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Grocery Store Loyalty Programs; what is the best option for you?

By  Tarek Ghobar , Co-Founder .

Almost every grocery store chain has a loyalty program with its own set of rules on how to benefit from it. If you are the one doing the grocery shopping for the house, you are most likely to be bombarded by ads, special offers, and discount vouchers! However, joining a loyalty program should always serve your personal goals.

Take a quick look at the different types of grocery store reward systems and find your fit:

The Point System

This is the simplest and most popular of all loyalty programs; you can accumulate points with every purchase and redeem these points for discounts or physical rewards in the future. The majority of grocery stores offer these cards free of charge and use the typical structure of 1 AED = 1 Point, some stores may offer tiered point programs that give you enhanced rewards as you climb up into different levels. If you are a regular shopper and you do not plan ahead with your groceries, it is worth investing in the Carrefour MyClub program, this scheme earns you 1 point for every 10AED spent in their stores or online, and allows you to redeem 50 AED discount vouchers for every 500 AED spent. For regular shoppers who buy groceries according to their daily needs collecting these points is easy because they are accumulated throughout the entire month, before you know it you have a discount voucher you can redeem on your next purchase!


Membership Cards:

Free membership cards that qualify customers for special prices on selected items at the stores are also highly popular at grocery chains. These schemes usually attract customers by cost-saving with personalized rewards and members’ only discounts. These kind of cards are very helpful for families and shoppers who plan for their week since they can benefit from special prices and build their shopping list based on available offers. Most grocery stores that offer this program would have an app or newsletter listing new offers every week.

If you are in Saudi Arabia, benefit from the Iktissab Membership Card launched by Othaim Supermarket. In their stores, discounted items will carry two price tags one for regular customers and one for Iktissab cardholders, which makes it easier for you to spot them, calculate your savings and remain within the budget you originally had in mind.


The Punch Programs:

This is one of the older loyalty schemes where a stamp or a punch on a physical card are required to receive a free item or discounts. This scheme is more difficult to follow up on, as you may need to have the card with you for every purchase. They are more popular in Coffee shops or single location grocery stores in smaller towns if that is where you usually shop then it is worth holding on to that punched card.

To sum up, these loyalty programs are designed to create a different customer experience that retains the regulars. Grocery chains understand that consumers are racing against time, thus providing options to make grocery shopping easier and faster will be a major factor in consumer’s decision to join. So, take a minute to understand your shopping routine and list down your preferences in local grocery stores around you, that will help invest in the right program and actually save on your grocery shopping.

Last Updated  July 28, 2019