Careem Rewards Program was launched in 2019 to thank loyal users & encourage them to take more rides, here all what you need to know about Careem loyalty programCareem, Rewards Program, loyalty program

All you need to know about the Careem Rewards Program

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

Careem Rewards Program was launched in June 2019 as a way to thank loyal Careem users and encourage them to take more Careem rides and use new services such as Careem Now and Careem Box.


How to join the Careem Reward Program?

Customers are automatically enrolled in the rewards program once they use the Careem app. They can start collecting points without the need to register.

What are the program levels?


Upon downloading the Careem app customers will obtain the silver level, which is the first level in this rewards program. Customers can upgrade to the gold level when they complete 15 trips within the same month, noting that bus trips in Egypt and RTA taxi trips in Dubai do not qualify.


Gold level customers receive 50% additional points as well as discounts and offers specifically catered for the gold level.

How to collect Careem points? 

Careem points are awarded upon using the app for trips in any country where Careem is available, as per below:

  1. Customers earn points when they charge their cream wallet, 

  2. Customers earn points for trips paid by cash, card or by invoice, excluding trips paid for using a package or Careem credit as no points are earned on unpaid or free trips.

  3. Customers do not earn points when using Careem Now

The validity of Careem points extends between six months to 12 months; as the points collected between January 1 and June 30 expire on December 31st of the same year, while points collected between July 1 and December 31st expire on June 30 of the following year. 


Redeeming Careem Reward Points


Careem points can be redeemed through the Careem app to get free trips, discounts on other Careem services such as delivery and food orders. Careem points can also be donated to charities or to help affected families as a result of certain events, such as the Beirut explosion.


Last Updated  September 13, 2020