Reward Program of Arab Jordanian Investment Bank (AJIB), AJIB Rewards

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

Arab Jordan Investment Bank (AJIB) has established a rewards program for their premium customers and credit card holders. AJIB Rewards program is exclusively designed to reward the bank’s top-tier clients holding a Visa Infinite or Mastercard Prestige credit cards, offering points for every purchase transaction performed at any point of sale. 

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How to register for AJIB Rewards Program?

AJIB credit card holders are automatically enrolled in the AJIB Rewards Program, with the following cards available:

  • Visa Infinite.

  • World Elite Mastercard

  • Prestige World Mastercard

  • Prestige Platinum Mastercard

Customers can access their accounts through the Bank's Rewards Program website or by downloading the AJIB Reward app 

How to earn and accumulate points?

The only way to earn points in the AJIB Rewards Program is through purchases on a credit card, where 1.5 points is earned for each 1 JD spent.

Redeeming AJIB Rewards Points

AJIB Rewards can be redeemed for a wide range of products and services, with the point value varying between 5 and 9 JOD per 1000 points depending on the items purchased. 

Travel: Points can be redeemed to book airline tickets, hotel rooms or rent a car through the AJIB Rewards website

Shopping: AJIB Rewards can also be redeemed for cosmetics, electronics, perfumes, kitchenware and many other options including donations  through the AJIB Rewards store directly. It is also an option to purchase a voucher from international retailers such as Amazon, Leaders and Cosmo.

For more details, get in touch with AJIB and check their website

Last Updated  October 1, 2019