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Top 5 bank reward programs in Jordan

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

81% of bank customers today expect certain benefits and rewards in the form of a loyalty program according to a study by CGI. Thus banks utilize loyalty programs as an important marketing tool to acquire and maintain customers and keep them engaged.

PointCheckout put together a compilation of the top reward programs in Jordan and ranked them based on the following:

  • Ease of joining the program
  • Variety of points earning methods
  • Redemption options

The different programs are not necessarily ranked from best to worst, this is meant to be an indication of the differences between them.

Ahli Reward from Bank Al Ahli


Ease of joining the program: 4 stars

Joining the program is done simply by issuing a Visa or Mastercard in the customer's name, thus members are automatically enrolled. This is easy enough, yet since it is only on having certain products, it is limited to 4 stars.

Variety of points earning methods: 2 stars

Earning points is restricted to spend on the credit cards issued, and thus it earns a 2 star on our list. The points issued per JOD spent is according to the following list:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 12.24.41 PM

Redemption Options: 2 stars

Points redemption is limited to offline vouchers for Ahli Bank, although the selection is vast with several restaurants, City mall, Cozmo, among others. For our review, this has earned Ahli Bank rewards two stars as the effort to redeem still requires customers to take several steps (convert to vouchers, then convert vouchers to purchase) and values are limited to pre-fixed values.

Total: 9/15 stars

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Cairo Amman Bank Rewards

1 6. 4


Ease of joining the program: 3 stars

CAB customers need to sign up separately for the reward program, and only Mastercard credit card holders are eligible for joining the reward program. That limitation and additional step earn CAB rewards a 3-star rating.

Variety of points earning methods: 2 stars

Earning points is restricted to spend on the two credit cards issued MasterCard World and MasterCard World Elite, although it is generous with 2% of the equivalent spend given in points. The low star rating is because of the card only earning limitation, at 2 stars.

Redemption Options: 5 stars

Cairo Amman Bank redemptions are so flexible they earn all 5 stars. Members can redeem at the CAB rewards store for flights, hotels, electronics and hundreds of items, including cashback, donations, and point transfer. In addition, CAB rewards are part of PointCheckout, the online payment gateway for loyalty points, where CAB rewards members can redeem on over 30 online stores in Jordan.

Total: 10/15 stars

Jordan Kuwait Bank Rewards

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 2.42.04 PM

Ease of joining the program: 3 stars

JKB members need to sign up separately to enroll in the program, thus that earns it also a 3-star rating.

Variety of points earning methods: 3 stars

Earning points is based on spending on credit cards, with two different rates: 1 point per JOD spent under 500 JOD, with 2 points per JOD for all purchases more than 500 JOD. Withdrawing money from the credit card would also earn 2 points per JOD, and the highest being interest incurred on the card giving 6 points per JOD. The generosity of points earns 3 stars, limited by the fact it is only on cards.

Redemption Options: 4 stars

JKB reward redemptions earn a 4 star due to their flexibility in spending, as the highlight is a cashback program on any purchases, simply convert your points to credit after any purchase through the app ( Android or IOS ) It is worthy to note that cashback is not an option for JKBRewards members.

Total: 10/15 stars

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Arabi Points Rewards 

Ease of joining the program: 4 stars

Automatically enrolled by opening an account and issuing a credit card.

Variety of points earning methods: 5 stars

Arab Bank lets members earn Arabi Points based on their banking relationship as follows:

  • Signup bonus points: 300 points for Arab Bank Elite members, 150 points for the Premium members, and 100 for Arab Bank Extra members.
  • First transaction: 300 points for Arab Bank Elite members with issued Signature or Platinum Visa card, 200 points for the Premium members on Black cards and 300 on Platinum cards, and 200 for Arab Bank Extra members with Platinum cards
  • Issuance of a personal or housing loan: 1 point for each 75 JOD on personal loans under 15,000 JOD and on housing loans under 90,000 JOD. On the other hand, members earn 1 point for each 50 JOD on personal loans over 15,000 JOD and on housing loans more than 90,000 JOD
  • Use of digital bank channels: a one-time bonus of 50 points for signing up to internet banking and making one transaction (earned just once)
  • Purchases on credit cards: this differs much based on the type of card issued, according to on the following list:

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 1.09.20 PM

Redemption Options: 2 stars

The generosity in earning is not matched with the redemption options however, as it is limited to vouchers from merchants such as Manaseer, Carrefour, CityMall and several others, earning a mere 2 stars.

Total: 11/15 stars

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Bank Al Etihad Ultimate Rewards

Bank al-Etihad logo 2011

Ease of joining the program: 2 stars

Just earning 2 stars, members can join the reward program through signing up separately, however, members need 3 banking relationships to enroll (credit cards, savings account, and loan for example).

Variety of points earning methods: 5 stars

Etihad Ultimate Rewards allows members to earn on debit card purchase (1 point for each 2 JOD) and credit card transactions (2 points per 1 JOD). In addition, deposits earn members points according to the following list:

  • 70 points for depositing 5,000 to 10,000 JOD
  • 210 points for deposits of 10,000 to 20,000 JOD
  • 525 points for deposits between 20,000 and 30,000 JOD
  • And 1,050 points for deposits over 30,000 JOD

Furthermore, online transfers through the mobile app earn members 5 points for transfers under 500 JOD, 10 points for transfers between 500 and 1,000 JOD and 25 points for transfers over 1,000 JOD. The full relationship loyalty offered by Etihad Ultimate Rewards program gets them full stars on this category.

Redemption Options: 5 stars

Etihad Ultimate Rewards also gets full stars for the redemption options, with many choices offered to members including a full reward store to buy flights and booking holidays, electronics, fashion items, etc. Moreover, their use of the open redemption network of PointCheckout gives their members the ultimate flexibility to spend on additional items they love from merchants such as Talabat, the Cakery, AmmanCart.com and many more.

Total: 12/15 stars

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With most banks offering some form of reward and loyalty programs, the competition to give the customer the best service is heating up, and PointCheckout is a prime partner to increase redemption and customer satisfaction and retention. Get in touch to know more about how we can help.

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Last Updated  February 4, 2020