All you need to know about Jordan Kuwait Bank Rewards Program

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

Jordan Kuwait Bank (JKB) is one of the most innovative banks in Jordan, as they were the first bank to introduce internet banking services back in 2000. Today, the bank continues with the innovation trend through its rewards program, the JKB REwards.

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How to signup for Jordan Kuwait Bank Rewards Program?

Registering for the Jordan Kuwait Bank Rewards Program requires two main steps:

Then members need to download the JKB reward application to take advantage of the rewards program, and be able to view the points balance, transactions, and redeem.

How to earn and accumulate points?

To benefit from the rewards program, bank customers must possess one of the eligible debit or credit cards. Co-branded cards (Cozmo and Fly&Plus), American Express and prepaid cards are not eligible for the Jordan Kuwait Bank Rewards program.

Points earned through purchases: Customer gets one point for every JD spent on a credit or debit card if the total purchases are JD 500 or less. For purchases exceeding JD 500, customers get 2 points for each JD.

Transactions of interests of revolving credit cards: Customers with these cards get 6 points for every JD spent.

ATM cash withdrawals: reward program members receive 2 points for every JD withdrawn from the ATM using a credit card inside or outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Redeeming JKB Rewards Points

To redeem points, JKB reward members need to use the JKB reward application available on Google Play and Apple Store. Members can redeem on any transaction at an exchange rate of 1 JD for 250 points. Do keep in mind that points expire within 3 years, however. Using the app, members can redeem and transfer their points to other members. 

Shopping using Points: Reward program members can shop at any website or shop that accepts direct debit cards or MasterCard issued credit card. For each transaction however that members want to use their points to pay with, JKB reward program members need to convert the point balance through the app after purchase. 

Transfer Points: Customer can transfer points to another customer through the app as well with no set limits as long as both members have the JKB phone application. 

Watch the following video to learn more about the Jordan Kuwait Rewards program.

Last Updated  August 28, 2019