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Reward your Sheleh with Zain Telecom Rewards Program

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

Zain Telecom is one of the most pioneering companies in the Middle East, including in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where they are continuously evolving both their customer service and product packages available. Sheleh Rewards Program.


What is Sheleh Rewards Program?


It is a complimentary rewards program for Zain Sheleh Line subscribers allowing members to collect Sheleh points with each recharge and spend them on services for their subscription or external partners.

Sheleh is based on the principle of the leader of a Sheleh and his or her friends as members. The more members are invited to the Sheleh the more points and benefits the entire group gets. It is worth mentioning that in order for the leader to benefit and accumulate points, the members of the board must be 5 direct members (added by him) or three direct members and two indirect members (added by one member).

Characteristics of the Sheleh Line:


  • Dedicated to the age group from 18 to 29 years.

  • Monthly Subscription Mix 4 * 4

  • Basic Internet Package: 18 GB

  • Social Package: 7 GB

  • Facebook Package: 6 GB

  • Free minutes on Zain network: 20,000 minutes

  • Free minutes on other networks: 1000 minutes

  • Free minutes on Palestine Mobile Network: 1000 minutes

  • Free SMS: 1,100 SMS

  • An extra 1 JD on the balance with each recharge



How to collect Sheleh points?


Renewal: Sheleh subscriber gets 10 points every time he renews his monthly subscription.


Renewal of a friend's membership (Sheleh members): 10 points for each Sheleh member that renews their line.  


Redeem points


Monthly subscription renewal: 100 points can get the member’s subscription renewed for 1 month. 


Additional minutes: Every 10 points can be redeemed for 100 minutes on non-Zain networks.


Internet Bundles: Redeem 10 Points for 1 GB internet bundle valid for one month or 2 GB social networking bundle valid for 1 month.


Discounts at shops and restaurants: Zain has a number of shops and cafes as part of its redemption network such as the following:

  • Techtech: Get 15% discount for 12 points.

  • Speed ​​center: Get a free game ticket for 18 points

  • Manaseer: Get a voucher worth JD 5 from Manaseer Gas Station for 24 points.

  • Gloria Jean's: Get 25% off at Gloria Jean's Cafe for 12 points.

  • 7 Papers: Get a free drink from 7 Papers Cafe for 18 points.

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Last Updated  November 12, 2019