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Factors to consider when building a Customer Loyalty Program

By  Sarah Ghobar , Guest Contributor.

Customers enjoy loyalty programs because of the members-only benefits and promotions they would get out of it. Many of the value-conscious shoppers would invest highly in such programs if the rewards were personalized and relatable to their interests.

Consider the below 4 factors when building your customer loyalty program:

1. The Program’s Name


As simple as this might seem but a unique name that provokes curiosity and urges customers to learn more about the rewards program will probably give you an advantage over your competitors. A perfect name would be one that might give hints about the benefits but not give them away too obviously. "NaSmiles" from FlyNas is one of the smart names that gets people excited.

2. The Non-monetary value of your program

     The Non-monetary value of your loyalty program

Many customers believe that loyalty programs are just a clever ploy by businesses to push them to spend more. Even if that is your main goal, you have to make sure to provide other membership benefits that get your customers excited to join. Keep in mind that customers are more willing to spend on the money with brands that take part of social and political issues they care about.

Therefore, always make sure to point out the “other” prospects of joining this reward program and make your program as captivating as possible.

3. The variety of rewards you are providing


Customers are more likely to enjoy your loyalty program if it provides benefits other than just discounts. One way to create more value is to collaborate with other businesses to redeem loyalty points for event tickets, subscriptions or even donations to charities.

4. Make it easy to connect with your customers


Staying connected with your customers is very important as it allows customers to feel closer to your customer service teams and build interactions. The best way is to create a user-friendly experience for your customers where they can interact with your brand on several interfaces and devices most importantly through their mobiles. Your customers expect a positive experience from your brand every time they reach out, and it is important for them to feel like you value them as much as they value you.

Programs such as Shukran are a great example of how variety in the Loyalty Program can increase your customers' interest. Creating customer loyalty is not easy, especially when it is driven by specific goals. Many times the level of loyalty a customer has depends on the rewards and after sale services a customer receives after a purchase, it does not matter if they enjoy your product more if your competitor puts out a better offer they are more likely to take it. For that reason, investing more in your loyalty program will reward you and your customers the same.

Last Updated  September 29, 2019