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All you need to know about the Tikram Rewards Program from Orange Jordan

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

Tikram is the flagship rewards program for Orange customers in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan based on rewarding customers for the services used and amounts spent on their bundles, for them to be redeemed for offers, services, online shopping or gifts.

How to join the Tikram Rewards program?

Orange Jordan customers with a valid number can simply register in the program through their online signup form, or alternatively can visit any of the branches and call the Customer Service Center to be enrolled in the program.

How to collect Tikram points?

Users earn Tikram points by spending with Orange, be it to pay the monthly bills, topping up mobile credit, or buying any of the additional Orange services. Earned points are calculated based on the member’s segment as follows, where a higher segment can be reached with more spend:

  • Silver segment earns 1 point for every JD spent.

  • Gold segment earns 1.5 points for every JD spent.

  • Platinum segment earns 2 points for every JD spent.

Not all Orange subscriptions are eligible for the Tikram rewards program, however. Customers with convergent and Family offers, Postpaid Mobile offers, Postpaid Internet Everywhere offers, ADSL offers, and Fiber offers, residential and small businesses. For prepaid lines and Fixed standalone, customers start collecting points only from packages (or spend) or 9 JD and above every month. 

Redeem Tikram points

To redeem Tikram points, the customers’s balance must first reach at least 200 points, where the point balance can be found either online from the Tikram account or by dialing *818# from the Orange line. Then you should contact customer service and provide them with a TAKRAM account number to activate the points and be able to spend on:

Tikram Rewards Store: reward program members can redeem Tikram points for Mobile or Mobile Accessories as well as vouchers for popular apps such as Careem and Karti application available on the Tekram store.

Direct discounts: Tikram reward program has many partners as well where points can be redeemed for discounts and exclusive offers from a wide range of shops, restaurants, and cafes as well as some beauty centers and entertainment centers. Here is a list of all partners, and Tikram members can redeem at the time of payment through the cashier. 

Additionally, Orange Jordan customers can also benefit from the Orange Deals program, which includes exclusive deals and offers for any Orange phone holding the customer at many stores in Jordan, availed simply by giving the merchant a valid Orange phone number. 

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Last Updated  September 24, 2019