All you need to know about the Umniah's reward program -umnicoin- in terms of collecting and spending plus their cooperation with the payment gateway PointCheckout.نقاط، بوابة دفع الكترونية، بوينت تشيك آوت، شركة اتصالات، أمنية umnicoin

All you need to know about the “umnicoin” Rewards Program from Umniah

By  Hana Ihjoul , Digital Marketing.

Established in 2005, Umniah has worked so efficiently to develop the telecommunications sector in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In 2016, Umniah was named the fastest internet network in Jordan by Speedtest by Ookla and in early 2019 Umniah landed another achievement by starting cooperation with The Jordan Electric Power Company (JEPCO) to provide an advanced communications infrastructure based on a large-scale fiber-optic network. 

What is umnicoin?

umnicoin is the loyalty currency Umniah customers can collect through the rewards program. This program is tailored for Internet and phone subscribers, they can collect umnicoin from using the company’s services and redeem them for offers, services, online shopping or donations. 

How to collect umnicoin?

The program offers various opportunities to collect umnicoin and similar to most loyalty programs, the number of coins earned depends on the service the customer uses. The collection system is as follows:

 Welcome umnicoin

500 umnicoin

For Signing up to Umniah

1500 umnicoin

For Registration on Umniah’s e-store

15% of the final bill

Customers also receive 15% of their purchase’s value in umnicoin for any item purchased on the e-store

(This offer does not include headphones and devices)

    Facebook Interaction

10 umnicoin

For liking an Umniah Facebook post 

50 umnicoin

For sharing Umniah Page on a personal profile page

Bills and Recharge Lines

100 umnicoin

For every recharge of an Umniah prepaid line

125 umnicoin

For paying phone bills online

Health Promotion           

100 umnicoin

For taking 10,000 to 19,999 steps 

200 umnicoin

For exceeding 19,999 steps


5 umnicoin

For every correct answer on the Uquiz app 

75 umnicoin 

For every Jordanian dinar spent on

Note that each dinar is equal to 100 umnicoin, however, the value of umnicoin increases as the customers steps up in the program levels:


umnicoin Balance

umnicoin Value per Dinar

Level 5

5,000 - 19,999


Level 7

20,000 - 40,999


Level 9



How to redeem umnicoin? 

Redeem umnicoin through the phone app: Customers can redeem umnicoin for vouchers at an extended list of restaurants and shops. umnicoin can also be redeemed for call credit or internet packages directly through the app. 

Online Shopping: Customers can shop using their Umnicoin on various websites by joining PointCheckout and shopping at its merchants. 

Donate umnicoin: An additional way to redeem Umnicoin while doing good is to donate for Jordanian charities such as the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Tkiyet Um Ali Organization, Tahseen Initiative, and many others. 

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Last Updated  October 1, 2019